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The Henné & hair
Henné Sahara Tazarine revives your hair and enriches it by moderate reflections. Reinforcing the roots, it sheaths the hair and preserves its vital fontions while ensuring your hairstyle flexibility, glare and volume. It is a capillary care balancing and regenerating.
With Henné the Sahara Tazarine you do not have more henné need for retamiser your, we offer a powder to you trés fine easy to use and giving a perfect result.

The Material
That which you will need:
- henné powders some (Henné Sahara Tazarine)
- a pair of gloves, Mapa style, not to colour your mimines
- a container out of terra cotta, earthenware, plastic (NEVER OUT OF METAL)
- a spatula devoted to this use (I use spatulas with wood râclette) never out of metal either
- possibly, a special brush to make colourings (one finds some on the great surfaces), more practical to apply the product to the delicate temples or places
- plastic film
- a towel


Preparation & Application
Start by making heat water. In same time, take your bowl and proportion the powder of henné inside:
- fine hair and courts: 50 with 70g
- semi-long hair (with the shoulder): approximately 100g
- thick and/or very long hair: count 200g
Henné has draining properties, which can be very practical for those and those which have the fatty hair. However, to avoid draining the points too much, you can add one or two nuts of balsam disentangling for hair, care containing shea tree, or between 2 and 4 spoons with olive oil soup. You can also add a little lemon juice for the brightness.

Gradually pour very hot water in the bowl, while mixing the whole with the spatula. You must obtain a smooth and consistent paste, which will be (do not astonish you) of khaki color and will halfway release an odor between herb tea and spinaches. Let cool the preparation, it will be ready with employment when it is tepid.

If it is not already done, slip on the gloves. The application can be done either on dry hair not washed, or on not washed dried hair.

Apply the paste to your hair matches by wick, while insisting by massages of the scalp for distributing well. It is besides there that the brush facilie the job, because it allows an easier and more precise application to the level of the nape of the neck, temples or of the face. I advise you to start with the nape of the neck, then to go up gradually towards the temples, and finally the face.
Once the roots covered in a uniform way, work the hair on the lengths and the points.
Gather finally hair on the head and to proceed to a massage during a few minutes: that will finish impregnating the hair.
Take plastic film (it is film which one uses to cover the food, I will not make you a drawing you see what it is) to pack your cranium inside, then place a towel above. This will make it possible to keep your hair with the heat, and thus to profit from care and a color to the signal, in addition to protecting the neighbourhoods possible small escapes. You can also regularly pass a blow of hair-drier.
Let the preparation act according to the wished intensity, by respecting the maximum time of pause indicated. At home it is 1h30.

Benefit from the time of pause to clean your ustensils (and possibly the bathroom…), and to remove the traces of your skin (if it is not already done). I repeat myself, but henné also very well the skin colours, and if you do not pay attention you can find yourselves with spots which hold during at least a good week (at least…)

Once the time of pause run out, remove the towel and plastic film, and carry out the rinsing with tepid water to remove largest from the paste. Proceed then to a soft shampoo not treating, the ideal being a shampoo with henné. Do not use conditioner, of mask or care. Lastly, dry, dry, cap as usual.
It is recommended not to use a care or of mask during two or three days, time that henné fixes itself well.
Beautiful hair, brilliant, thicker, cleansed, damaged at all. The color result can spend several days before arriving at its maximum intensity, therefore wait a little before saying “that did not go”.

The +:
- superb color result
- 100% naturalness, does not attack the hair
- semi-permanent color, does not leave easily
- sheathed hair, thickened
- not expensive, and the powder can be preserved a long time (with the expenses and dryness) for other applications
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