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Tattooing in Henné, a temporary drawing
Tattooing with henné is a beautiful success today. Painless, not-permanent, convivial when it is practised between friends, it evokes the East and the Maghreb.
The make-up with henné uses the ancestral technique of the body painting which is practised still today in India, in the Maghreb, in Turkey, although rather reserved now with the matrimonial ceremonies.
A small drawing like a tattooing, but for a few weeks only, they is rather as develops the fashion of the make-up with henné in our Western countries.
The professional tattoers can carry out tattooings with henné, even if their transitory side is a little contradictory with the symbolic system of tattooing…
You can carry out yourself on your premise your make-up with henné, it is enough to a little practice. You involve on a paper, then carry out the drawing of your tattooing on a discrete place, to start!


Henné, the magic plant
Henné, (scientific name: Lawsonia Intermis), is a shrub of the family of Lythracées. It is a ramified plant, a mixture of simple sheets of green and white color to four petal, arranged in bouquets. Its seed is of black color, of the tonalities of very varied colors; one leaves the green jade, until the gray green, while passing by the green emerald. This plant reached, in the areas of the Moroccan Sahara, up to one meter height. The characteristic of Moroccan Henné is this intensity darker than the green of the olive-tree.

Preparation of the paste
To prepare the paste, it is necessary to mix a little green powder with water, and possibly essential oils (flower of orange tree, water of pink…) who cause to prolong the duration of the drawing. The paste should be neither too liquid, nor too dry… The paste is deposited on the skin according to a drawing or a stencil key set using a syringe (without the needle of course) which allows a fine layout.
The color depends on the thickness of the paste deposited, of the exposure time before removing the paste (at least an hour, time to divide a tea!). The color grows blurred at the end of 2 to 3 weeks, little by little passing from chestnut to orange.
How to have a black tattooing?
If you want that your henné either black at the end, it is simple: put in a bowl of green lemon and then take knitting machine then plug on henné and as soon as it dries, remade it at least 3-4 times then as soon as all is dry with the 4th layer you take dry knitting machine and you on your hand then you put just a little it leave 1 hour time that the knitting machine absorbs (or more) and remove it to you. But attention after you removed it, do not rinse your hands with water and soap. Prennez a drop of olive oil and you put it on your hand if you want that henné remains for at least 3 weeks or more.
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